Hamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS

The South Korean military has assessed that the fighting doctrine and tactics utilized by Hamas migh …

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Seoraksan cools below freezing as autumn takes hold

South Korea woke up to the coldest autumn morning this year so far on Thursday due to cold air movin …

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Sunmi to return with new digital single ‘Stranger’

K-pop soloist Sunmi is unveiling her new digital single “Stranger” on Oct. 17.The single carries a t …

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Zandari Festa kicks off with local, foreign indie bands

Zandari Festa, an indie rock festival launched in 2012, kicks off Thursday for a three-day run.This …

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Supporters of Israel hold rally in Seoul, urge Hamas to stop atrocities

Supporters of Israel took to the streets in Seoul on Tuesday, urging Hamas militants to stop their k …

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Where is Blackpink headed?

Will Blackpink continue or will the group disband? Are the members moving to a different label or wi …

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